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The whale festival

August 2023
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# Whales

The great whale festival, a highlight of the festivities on the island of Sainte Marie. Already the story is very original, to this are added countless other tourist attractions of the island to become for a few days the main centre of interest of this part of Madagascar. An ideal and unmissable destination at a certain time of the year, this festival will certainly make it unforgettable. It is also a way to get to know the local population and all the local folklore that surrounds its few days, a great festivity given in honour of these humpback mammals.

But what is it exactly?

Considered as Zanahary be, where the benevolent of the place by the local population, festivities made of dances, ancestral rituals are given to them as a sign of thanks and respect. The history of the island tells of a complicity and a great familiarity between the whales and the inhabitants. These humpback mammals are considered to be the harbingers of good weather and a guarantee of safety. The whales only come when the weather is favourable. Their impressive charisma and size are a strong incentive for the villagers to honour them in any way possible. Today, the whale festival has become not only a ritual but also a tourist showcase for this islet off the coast of the Big Island. The 8 days of festivities in the colours of the island are a good reason to make a visit or even to program it.

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An event of great importance

Eight days of festivities are dedicated to these imposing mammals

dances, sports meetings, shows, etc… the whale festival is often sponsored by the highest authority in the country, namely the President of the Republic himself, proof if any were needed of the importance given to it. It is the President himself who declares the official opening. Each year, this event is an opportunity for the government in place to review the country’s environmental protection policy, particularly for its whales, fearing that they will end up deserting the region if the protections in place no longer allow them to mate peacefully.

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An event of great importance

Eight days of festivities are dedicated to these imposing mammals

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