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Global warming affects us all and if we want to leave a livable world to future generations, it is imperative to change our behavior and take action. Air travel and ground travel account for a considerable share of greenhouse gas emissions. However, we are not going to stop traveling but rather to travel more responsibly.For your next trip with Madcameleon, we are committed to planting the number of trees corresponding to your carbon impact and achieving 100% neutrality of your local travel. 

How to calculate it?

It is difficult to navigate in all its calculation methods but we based ourselves on the calculator….
For your land trips we base ourselves on 2 people per vehicle and the number of kilometers traveled.

How do we reforest?

Through a partnership with the local social enterprise Bôndy. Every year during the rainy season, reforestation campaigns take place. It is at this time that all the Bondy teams mobilize to plant on different sites in the territory.

Your ecological and social impact.

By favoring actors who fight against global warming, it is to encourage others to follow the movement. Traveling with us means that your carbon impact will be offset, but also that the economic and social repercussions on local populations will be greatly valued and that you also contributed to the preservation of the island's biodiversity.



To fight against global warming, it is necessary to reduce carbon emissions. While the United Nations is setting targets and has a huge role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we too, as citizens, must act. We are aware that it is not always easy to realize its ecological impact and especially to set up new habits to reduce its carbon emissions.