Going Down the Manambolo River : From Adventures to discoveries

Some 130 km south of the capital Antananarivo,on the highlands the Manambolo river runs through one of the most well-known places of Madagascar, the famous Tsingy de Bemaraha. The erosion that over the years has dug the bed of the river is also at the origin of the singular form of Tsingys. They offer cultural treasure as well as a great biodiversity where amateur photographers can enjoy themselves.

What to see and where to go ?

The river Manambolo is full of life at all depths. To go along the river, canoeing is the means of transport par excellence. It allows navigating gently to the rhythm of the river stream and paddles. We meet paddlers, fruits and vegetables vendors, children who play in the sandbars and everywhere birds and other endemic animals with a flora and surprising and still wild vegetation, such as pandanus, pachypodiums…

At the approach of the Tsingys, the river tightens and you can see limestone canyons where sheltering here and there the caves of the Oliha cliff side where rest the Vazimba, the Malagasy ancestors.

On the banks of the river, small waterfalls and natural pools are abundant in the vegetation providing a welcome freshness.

Going there : Because of the rainy season that can cause floods, the river Manambolo is only practicable from May to November. The period from June to mid-September is definitely the perfect time.

The descent is made by canoe and camping four days and three nights alongside the river.

And more :The descent of the Manambolo is certainly the flagship circuit of Madcameleon Agency which he is the expert. Take advantage of this descent to contribute to sustainable tourism in the village of Akavandra from which paddlers, cooks, local guides trained by the Agency come from.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]