Where to go in Madagascar ?

If you have decided to stay in Madagascar, it is because you have already heard about the beauty of the country. To better enjoy your time on the island, insure your tours. There are many travel agencies on site that will offer you a tailor-made service. This offer consists in letting you know the best sites on the island before bringing you according to your choices and desires.

The circuit of the south of Madagascar
The tour of the south of the island begins from Antananarivo to the southernmost point: Tulear. This itinerary is full of green scenery to the exit of Fianarantsoa and a fairly profitable ray of sunshine. There is plenty of space in this destination, a beautiful place to air your eyes in the heart of nature. On the way, before stopping in Tulear, many places are not to be missed.
Starting with the 12 hills of Tana and the art shops of Ambatolampy, your journey must first stop in Antsirabe.
Lake Tritriva will tell you about a great love story between two young people who ended in their tragic death. It seems that they committed suicide after their parent’s obstacle to their love. They then jumped into the lake holding hands. And after their death, a couple tree is pushed up to the lake. The tree is still there and the lake forms a heart.

The landscape of the South with its parks
Isalo is also an internationally recognized park for its beauty. Tourists in intense sport admire it especially by the climb of the rocks present. Below, Isalo houses a natural swimming pool as we like them.
After Isalo, the city of Tulear promises you a warm atmosphere day and night. The entertainment is provided by the presence of bars, cabarets almost every evening. Moreover, the heat of the night will encourage you to go out and celebrate at night.
After Tulear and its beaches, the road continues westward up the coast and along the beach. So we move on to Morondava. This is where the baobabs of Madagascar are located. According to scientific analyses, Madagascar’s baobabs are largely unique species in genus. They can only be found in Mada.
Going up, the city of Morondava and arriving in Miandrivazo. The city or the descent of the Tsiribihina to Madagascar begins. Rich in river cruises, you can follow it and make many stops to contemplate the surroundings. Until then, the baobab still appears from time to time. The most attractive on this river circuit is the series of rocks, caves shaped by mother nature. Ending up in Bemaraha’s famous throat and Tsingy.
After that, our journey will continue further and further north for even more decoration and passions.